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FPM Holding GmbH
Postfach 1145, D-09581 Freiberg
Hainichener Straße 2a, D-09581 Freiberg
Tel.: 0 37 31/27 14 35
Fax: 0 37 31/27 12 66
Internet: www.fpm.de
E-Mail: info@fpm.de

surveying instruments


The FPM Holding GmbH in Freiberg continues the tradition of the mechanical and optical toolbuilding for more than 230 years.

Based on our long experience, we develop and build surveying instruments like automatic levels, alignment units, theodolites and laser levels of different accuracy classes as well as the correspondent accessories especially for the use on the construction sector.


Our high quality precision instruments are used from clients worldwide and emphasize our outstanding reputation as one of the world’s technological leading manufacturers of optical precision surveying instruments.