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Universal Rotation Laser FG-VL3


Technical data 


radiation source laser diode
wave length 633 nm
laser class 2
output power < 1 mW
rotation speed
selectable via touch  0 / 150 / 300 /
control switch 600 rpm
head levelling
self-levelling within a 10%
range of
auto- controlling upon dehorizontalization (> 2 min)
shutdown and signalling
visible 50 m
with detector 350 m
at 100 m + 4 mm
shutdown at + 60°C
continuous operating time
normal mode up to 20 hours
scanning mode up to 15 hours
Housing nitrogen- filled
Operating  -15°C to 
temperature +50°C
Power supply
rechargeable power cell charger 220 V
diameter 190 mm
height 200 mm
Weight 3,5 kg
HF-remote radio frequency (HF)
control range 200 m
all functions
Dimensions 120 x 65 x 22
batteries 1,5 V Mignon


Universal Construction Laser
  • Levelling work of all types
  • Building construction
  • Enlargement
  • Store construction
  • Exploration work
  • Street and sports complex construction
  • Ceilings, walls, rack systems and machinery layout/ alignment
Versatile, convenient and dependable
  • Fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser. Simply set it down, turn it on and work
  • Triple axis self-levelling in a range of ± 10%.
  • Highly visible, clear and bright beam,
  • rotational speed adjustable in steps, plummet beam
  • Laser beam scanning, selectable setting of the beginning and endpoints; Maximum visibility of the laser beam by selection of the scanning speed.
  • Intelligent self- monitoring by auto- controlling; Automatic shut-down on delevelling of the head.
  • Angular level and alignment adjustable by motor. Internal temperature monitoring.
  • Robust in usage by impact resistant, water tight, unbreakable housing and shockproof construction, gas-filled.
  • 8 volt rechargeable battery operation and 220 volt AC connection possible.
  • Optional operation of all functions by directionally independent HF-remote control.
  • Rod clamp
  • Detector
  • Bracket for vertical use

In plastic protective case with charger



Construction Laser FG-L3


Technical data 


Radiation source Laser diode
wave length 780 nm
laser class 1
output power 780nm < 0,6 mW
                     633nm < 1,0 mW
Rotation speed
selectable via touch  150 / 300 /
control switch 600 rpm
Head levelling
self-levelling within a 5%
range of
upon dehorizontalization > 2 min
shutdown and signalling
Range 200 m
at 100 m + 4 mm
Temperature monitoring shutdown at + 60°C
continuous operating time
at + 20°C up to 25 hours
at - 10°C up to 10 hours
Housing nitrogen-filled
Operating  -20°C to 
temperature +50°C
Power supply rechargeable by plug-in charger
diameter 190 mm
height 200 mm
Weight 3,5 kg


Universal Leveller
  • Levelling work of all types
  • Height data transmission
  • Foundation depth, excavation and movement monitoring
  • Casing and conduit alignment
  • Concrete work
  • Road and sports complex construction
  • Incorporation of roofs and floors
Multifaceted, comfortable and dependable
  • Simplest management by an electronic sensor. A preadjustment stage of bubble levels and setscrews is not necessary. Simply put it down, turn it on and begin with the work. This laser instrument levels itself within a range of ±5°
  • The integrated self-monitoring guarantees a high level of accuracy and dependability.
    In the event of an accidental position change, the sensor effects an immediate shutdown of the laser.
  • Robust in its employment because of a shockproof and watertight, unbreakable housing and shock- protected construction.
  • An internal temperature monitor automatically shuts the laser down at internal temperatures of >60°C.
  • Beside precision, robustness, dependability and long service life, the rotation laser also shows a pleasant design in its external appearance. It was awarded the “State of Saxony Prize for Design 1996”.
  • Rod clamp
  • Detector

In a plastic protective case with charger