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FPM Holding GmbH
Postfach 1145, D-09581 Freiberg
Hainichener Straße 2a, D-09581 Freiberg
Tel.: 0 37 31/27 14 35
Fax: 0 37 31/27 12 66
Internet: www.fpm.de
E-Mail: info@fpm.de

We are proud to present the new nadir and zenith plummet FG-L30. 


The FG-L30 is concipated for soundings of medium precision. With a precision of + 1 mm / 30m, 9x magnification, shortest target distance possible of 400 mm and an included reversion bubble level of 20"/2mm and the coercive alignment in the trivet, the device is ideal for being used in the field of construction above and below ground as well as surveying.


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The FPM Holding GmbH is a successful supplier for measuring instruments.

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For more than 230 years precision mechanical and optical instruments have been manufactured in Freiberg.


We develop and produce


·          Geodetic measurement instruments 

·          Laser devices 

·          Nautical instruments 

·          Deformation measuring instruments 

·          Compasses

·          Special measuring equipment

·          Accessories

·          Customer projects



We want to serve our customers worldwide with reliable products as well as a well functioning service.


With modern manufacturing technologies and the experience of our employees we take care constantly of a high high-class standard.


By the application of modern tooling machines we can react fast and adaptably at customer requirements.