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FPM Holding GmbH
Postfach 1145, D-09581 Freiberg
Hainichener Straße 2a, D-09581 Freiberg
Tel.: 0 37 31/27 14 35
Fax: 0 37 31/27 12 66
Internet: www.fpm.de
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 Deformation measuring equipment


Freiberger deformation measuring instruments are used for measuring of the behaviour of structures under changing load and temperature conditions as well as for the control of vertical movements, structural changes and ageing of buildings.


The use of the alignment system in connection with our appliance technology allows measuring dislocation of capstones with high accuracy at low efforts.


According to the principle of the stationary precision hose scale our measuring systems enbale the continuously automatic monitoring of vertical movements of readings recorder relating to a horizontal reference plane.

These measurements can be conducted to industrial and historical buildings, bridges, turbines, pumping, etc..




Precision Hydrostatic level PSW 2

Setting Cone

Automatic Hose Levelling system ASW 2000

Target board

Automatic Precision hose levelling system ASW 101 N

vertical level pin

Aligning instrument

horizontal level pin

optical Coordimeter

geodetic sighting wall pin

Bracket for optical Coordimeter

vertical Centering pin

Centering Stand

tank for damping liquid

fixed mire

screen protecting drom dripping water

moveable mire

Plumbing equipment 10 kg

setting cone clinometer

wall pin complete

Circular bubble at attachment

stone screw complete

Setting bubble 15"


plumb wire clamp