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FPM Holding GmbH
Postfach 1145, D-09581 Freiberg
Hainichener Straße 2a, D-09581 Freiberg
Tel.: 0 37 31/27 14 35
Fax: 0 37 31/27 12 66
Internet: www.fpm.de
E-Mail: info@fpm.de



Even in the era of GPS, the orientation with topographic map, compass and altimeter is still significant for defining one’s position as well as for the geologist survey of the environment

Therefore, the FPM Holding GmbH offers Geologist’s and Mirror Compasses in different models for a wide field of applications.


They enables different uses:


-          the quick reading of strike and dip as well as the measurement of direction of dip and dip angel of elements of area

-          the quick reading of strike and plunge of linear elements in one work process


In addition to our precision compasses, we also offer a Mining Survey Compass using e.g. for mine surveying or the exploration of caves.


Compasses as well as Mining Survey Compasses made in Freiberg are well known from experts and recreational geologists worldwide because of their easy handling as well as the solid and rugged manufacture.