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accessories for surveying instruments 





Tribrach FG- DF


Different versions of three screw bases with center spigots according to DIN, optionally with an optical plummet, internal or external circular spirit levels     Freiberger Kugel (Freiberg ball) for forced centering of goods and play-free operation by means of dust-protected and maintenance-free foot screws.




Industrial Rod Equipment


Technical data


glass scale
division length 260 mm
accuracy 0,02 mm
distance between ball and zero point 50 ±0,2 mm
circular level 8'
clamping diameter 34 mm
glass scale 330 x 40 x 40 mm
illumination device 60 x 100 x 80 mm
case 380 x 240 x 100 mm
glass scale 0,6 kg
illumination device 0,3 kg
case 1,9 kg
complete equipment 6,7 kg


The industrial rod Equipment is provided for measurements of small height differences (≤0,26m), for height aligning and and check in heavy machine- and industrial construction. The glass scales carry a precision division with intervals of 5 or 10 mm. By means of the variability of the bases, the manifold measuring conditions can be met.

  • magnetic base:
    (70x50x50mm; 0,3kg)
    measuring on flat and horizontal terrain
  • prism base:
    (120x80x60mm; 1,3kg)
    measuring V-shaped cuts
  • flat base:
    (120x80x60mm; 1,8kg)
    measuring on shafts or axis

For measuring on sloping surfaces, an additional tribrache is required.

The glass scale can be illuminated


particulary suitable for:

FG- 005

FG- 007

FG- 020*

* with parallel plate micrometer