For more than 250 years precision engineering equipment and optical instruments have been developed and manufactured in Freiberg. Those instruments have been an important factor in the development of geodetic and surveying instruments that are still being used by many people in the world.

Our company as it exists today, FPM Holding GmbH (Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik), is the successor that follows this long-lasting tradition and still develops and manufactures surveying instruments that are available with multiple categories of precision, used in civil engineering, the erection of high-rise buildings, land surveying, monitoring of large buildings and structures, water dams and specific project-based measuring solutions in high tech industries.

In addition to this traditional area of activity, FPM Holding GmbH specializes in the manufacture of highly complex precision parts and components groups. Our customers benefit from our experience and special know-how, as well as the very high level of accuracy that we are committed to in order to ensure the continuing high quality of all products that we supply.


13 + 14 March 2024 | W3+ Fair Wetzlar
13 + 14 March 2024 | W3+ Fair Wetzlar